hey there! I'm Shelby.



I am a proud wife to my best friend and entrepreneurial husband, and a Mom to our lover-of-all-things, daughter with a new one on the way this Fall! We live in a household where Mom and Dad each own their own business, and then – just to keep things interesting – we have a Real Estate business together, flipping houses! Together we have built a life on a strong foundation of teamwork. For as long as I’ve known myself, my desire to create simplicity through strategic organization has always been burning. I am a task-driven person who ensures that the finished product is always above and beyond the expectation. 


I'd always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and creating a life for myself and my family that I could only ever see in my imagination. When our beautiful daughter arrived in August of 2018, she changed my world forever the moment I laid eyes on her. I knew it was time to make my vision a reality so that I would have the ability to be as present in her life as I possibly could. During my one-year maternity leave, I took a leap of faith and hired a High Performance Mindset coach. This was truly the first time in my life where I knew in my heart that I was making the right decision by betting on the one person I always knew had it in her - me. Up until this point I lacked the self-confidence to let my true passions shine, but I knew I need to do the work to finally step into the woman hiding inside of me. 

"I knew I wanted more for my life and I was ready to stop at nothing to get it. Hiring a coach to help get me there changed my life - and my family's life, forever." 

I knew this new growth phase for me as a career woman wasn’t going to be easy. I had just become a new Mom and I was experiencing a level of exhaustion that I never knew possible … all while feeling the most motivated I ever had been to create the life I wanted for myself and my family. I had ONE YEAR on maternity leave. This meant that I had one year to create, grow and expand a business for myself where I could ultimately work from home during the hours that worked best for our family and brought me in enough income to exceed that of my corporate position. It was game time and I was ready to stop at nothing. 

In the beginning I was finding time to work on self-growth (hella important to have the right mindset going into this!) and my business while I was breastfeeding my newborn (did you know that breastfeeding for one year is the equivalent to 1800 hours … the same amount of time you spend at a full time 8 hour per day job in one year!) I started by defining my wants, my non-negotiables, and my personal/ business goals. Then I got real with myself and dove into intense mindset work to ensure I was taking disciplined, real action. 

I fully understood and accepted that it was going to be a grind during my maternity leave if I wanted to grow to a point where I could comfortably, not return to my corporate position. My husband from the get go was my biggest supporter and his support was so important in my journey. After a year of self-care and intense mindset work, hustle, early mornings and late nights, I did it. The birth of The Hayle Co. is something I will forever be able to look back on and smile. 

To my kids: I wish for you to remember a life where Mom and Dad worked our butts off, but we also enjoyed every single moment of it and did it as a team. I want you to know determination and teamwork on a new level. But most of all, I want you to feel that we are always present for you for every single big or small moment (they're all "big" moments!). Cheers to supporting others along their entrepreneurial journey's so that we can enjoy ours to the fullest together as well! I love you with all of my heart. 

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