Social Media Management

Social Media
Package Offerings

Social media strategy created and implemented specifically to bring your brand/ vision to life for Facebook and Instagram

Platform branding and optimization + reviewing analytics each month to guide our strategy

Organically grow your audience and increase presence through engagement

All content creation including: imagery, captions, and story shares

Content scheduling, posting and re-sharing

4 posts/ week

We get it. You have every good intention to post several times a week on your feed and show up in your stories to connect with your audience. One week you'll be on a roll and this will seem like a breeze! But the very next week, your to-do list takes you away from sharing even one thing and it's as if you've vanished from your audience. 


Your consistent online presence has a lot to say about who you are, what you believe in and how you operate your business. Having a strong Social Media presence is vital to your success in almost any industry you're in - and to grow your network vastly. To do this you must know and understand who your ideal client is, what your mission and goals are as a company, and have a solid branding strategy in place. 

QUEUE IN: us. We help to ensure that your branding story is aligned with how you're showing up and what's being posted on your feed. We build a strategic monthly marketing plan for your social presence that takes the stress completely off your plate. 

"A friend referred me to The Hayle Co for Social Media Management and let me tell you, I’ve been working with her for just over 2 and a half months now and my life and business has completely changed! Shelby has taken the stress of my social media account completely off of my hands and although its still me showing up an answering your questions and DMs, the weight of posts and keeping things rolling is totally out of my hands. She understands my vision completely and voila! Brings it to life without me having to worry about it anymore! ⠀

So, if you’re ever feeling like you have to do IT ALL … know that it’s safe, and normal, and completely reasonable to ask for help when you need it!! Trust me, your mind will thank you for all of the stress you will no longer have!! I highly recommend reaching out to The Hayle Co. to take some much needed weight off of your entrepreneurial shoulders!"

- Sarah, Pashionate About Sleep